Doctor Who… who ME?

Just like that, 5 months have passed since I wrote last. I'm not sure if this is because of how sickeningly busy the end of med school became, or if it's because I lost a part of my esprit in trying to wrap it all up, but I'm determined to write again, even if it's just a... Continue Reading →


Big Girls Don’t Cry

I like to think that the days of high-school Queen Bees - where young women are mercilessly taunted per instruction of an obnoxious cow and her herd followers - are over. Perhaps it's simply the type of woman I choose to surround myself with - ones who encourage instead of envy, collaborate instead of criticize... Continue Reading →


The suicide of UCT’s Health Dean, Dr Bongani Mayosi, has taken the medical fraternity by storm in the past few weeks, and like that weird sound your car makes which you keep ignoring with the hopes that it will go away, mental health of healthcare professionals remains an underrated and ignored topic for most. We... Continue Reading →

Our Place in the Clouds – Kaapschehoop

✼ KAAPSCHEHOOP✼ Where: Mpumalanga, about 30km from Nelspruit  Distance from Northcliff: 330km one-way* How long: 3h26m one-way* Cost of petrol: about R300 bucks one way (R600 total)** Tolls: R139 one way (R278 total)*** Pit-stops? Milly's Country Stall, on the N4 between Belfast and Machadodorp. Anyone who has driven the N4 to the East knows about the hidden trout dam at Milly's. This is... Continue Reading →

The Jewel of the Eastern Free State…

⇢⇢⇢✼ CLARENS ✼⇠⇠⇠ Where is it? Free State, 42km from the (North-Western) Caledonspoort border post of Lesotho Distance from Northcliff (Johannesburg): 323km one-way from Northcliff* How long will the drive take?: 3h24m one-way from Northcliff* Cost of petrol: R319 one way (R638 total)** Tolls: R106 one way (R212 total)*** Pit-stops? Reitz for b-fast & a... Continue Reading →

Count to 8…

At a stage when I was younger, there was nothing more I obsessed over than becoming Miss South Africa. Whenever it was being aired, I would run wildly through the house yelling to my mom and sister that it was starting, and we’d be glued to the screen for the next few hours. I’d then... Continue Reading →

“So many selfies, yet so little knowledge of self…” – someone cool, somewhere

The season of T-shirt tans, flip-flop burns, 2 ice-creams in a row and sand in every place has begun, along with an assortment of feelings about wearing a bikini for the first time in months in front of hoards of holiday-makers at the already-overcrowded beaches. It’s the season that our exercise routines are built around,... Continue Reading →

SIC starter pack:

A tremendous leap seems to occur at Tuks in the middle of 5th year, when one essentially begins their final year of medicine – only it is stretched over 18 months and referred to as the “Student Intern Complex”. Suddenly one gains a tremendous amount of confidence and knowledge as one’s training becomes purely practical,... Continue Reading →

10 cool medical phenomena… that you probably shouldn’t laugh at.

In the early years of medicine, one studies the pathophysiology of medical conditions at grass roots' level, without fully seeing how conditions, and how each body system, integrate. As my medical studies have progressed, however, so too has my ability to reason a medical problem out by my sheer knowledge of 'medical science', rather that relying purely on... Continue Reading →

Run Forrest, Run!

Last week I was sitting in the morning meeting trying to stay awake while the Doctor was droning on about Upper GIT bleeds again, when suddenly 2 friends scampered out of the room within 30 seconds of one-another. I didn’t think much of it until someone raised their hand and quivered: “Sorry Doctor, but they’re... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Kalafong’s

When calling at Kalafong Hospital - and trying to find the breakfast room - interesting things happen. These moments define the lighter sides of the journey towards becoming a Doctor, and are the moments we should hold onto. The beauty is there.

It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log…

This week I part-took in a sleep-deprivation study, as part of an Audiology student’s Master’s Degree project. Baseline tests were conducted before this 24 hour period of sleep-deprivation, and again afterwards, and consisted of a variety of hearing and concentration/attention tests. As medical students, despite our calls still being ‘baby calls’ [max 6-8 hours long],... Continue Reading →

If you have nothing nice to say…

A rare and wonderful phenomenon happened today - after 3 cups of the kind of tea you promise yourself after which you'll begin studying properly - as I sat down and opened ClickUP and my Anaesthesiology block schedule. I had mentally prepared myself to commence with the 'blockly' game of match-the-terribly-coordinated-lecture-slides-with-the-misnamed-lectures-on-the-schedule-then-cry-and-give-up [after which an email goes... Continue Reading →

Let’s go inferno!

After being back in the rat-race for a week, Afrikaburn seems like it was years ago. It is frightening how highly adaptable one is to their surroundings, and how easy it is to fall into whichever routine or set of demands that one is presented with. If anything is clear, however, it’s that the culture... Continue Reading →

Burn baby, burn!

Trying to describe my first time at Afrikaburn using words would be like trying to taste music, or to hear colour, or to see speech. It would be like ordering sushi at a burger joint [not okay...for those still confused]. A description would capture but a shadow of what I experienced in the vibe and... Continue Reading →


Not only the title of one of the greatest tunes out there, but also a concept rarely familiar to people in my chosen field... to Imagine is nothing less than a superpower. A great aim of my blog is to show people how well the union between 'medicine' and concepts such as 'imagination' and 'creativity'... Continue Reading →

The semester before SIC

My 2016 ended in one of the most socially-daunting ways possible: freshly-single, and in a completely new rotation group. To put this into context, one’s rotation group is the group one spends from the beginning of 4th year until halfway through 5th year with, with the hopes of sticking together into SIC for a further... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name?

I didn’t realise how difficult it would be choosing a name for this blog because – essentially – I had to choose a name which is representative both of myself, and the content about which I want to write, whilst not coming across as cliché, disjointed or down-right unoriginal. I’m still debating with myself about... Continue Reading →

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