Hi, and welcome to my blog! 🙂

I’m a 5th year medical student living in Pretoria, and here you will find posts about the journey of my final 1.5 years as a med student, as well as snippets about my other passions: travelling, dreaming and musing…

This is my safe space where I can express myself both as a medical student, as well as the free spirit I am deep down.

I am an INFJ personality through and through, so a few words I’d use to describe myself include reflective, expressive and empathetic. I write for my own enjoyment, and would be most honoured if you – fellow med student or not – are able to enjoy my posts, and to relate to the passion with which I live my life.

I truly hope that both your head and heart will be enriched by what I have to say!



If you have suggestions or questions don’t hesitate to comment on my posts, or to pop me a message at hugnay@gmail.com.