Welcome to my blog!

I’m a final year medical student in South Africa with a deep passion for writing, travelling and igniting my senses in every way possible.

I created this blog with the aims of both expressing my views on what I experience as a med student, and to illustrate that it is MORE than possible to lead a fulfilling, adventurous and free-spirited life beyond medicine (and in general).

It’s all too easy to limit yourself (and to be limited by the judgments of others), thus I’m constantly striving to appreciate the good and the bad of life equally, and to follow happiness unashamedly in whichever form it takes. For me, this involves experiencing as much of what life has to offer as possible, viewing these experiences in unorthodox ways (that usually involve a silver-lining), and then sometimes imparting these views through writing for my own enjoyment.

I really hope that some of what I write can encourage you to follow the happiness within, and to become the best (and most adventure-seeking) version of yourself possible – in whichever form that may take.

After all, life is short and we’re all but stories in the end…